Hostgator Baby Plan Coupon Codes - Oct 2014

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I will not be updating this blog monthly with fresh coupons but the site above will be constantly updated!

You're in luck, I have the latest Hostgator Baby Coupon Codes for 2014 published below and I can guarantee that they are the best coupons on the market that will provide you with the maximum discount. The Hostgator Baby Plan coupons are active for the current month.

The reason I can say that these Hostgator coupons are the best is because I receive an email from Hostgator every time they release a new coupon code. You see every coupon website online offering Hostgator coupons are part of Hostgator's affiliate program and affiliates are allowed to create their own coupons which are either $9.95 off or 25% off. Sometimes there is a special offer and when this happens we are contacted about the new coupon released which allows me to then publish that offer here.

There are a group of affiliates like myself who receive a higher value coupon code of 30% off (published below) which is what makes the coupons on this blog the best you will find online. These coupon codes are valid on the Baby Plan as well as any other shared plan offered by Hostagtor. The Baby Plan is the most popular shared plan!

Hostgator Coupon Codes for October 2014

GATORCRUNCH30 (get 30% off with this code)

COMMONCENT (get $9.95 off with this coupon)

TERMINATE25  (this coupon gives you 25% off)

SNAPPY  (this code is low value and only offers 20 % off)

When applying the coupons to your Baby Plan package you have two approaches: either you pay upfront for 6 months – 3 years, in this case, you should use the 30% off coupon, or you can pay monthly, in this case, you should use the $9.95 off coupon as it will give you hosting for only one penny in your first month, this is awesome as you can try Hostgator for a price that is almost free for one entire month.

DISCLOSURE: as mentioned above, I am a Hostgator affiliate. I only partner with the best as I cannot stomach promoting a service or product that I do not or will not use myself. I may receive a commission should you decide to use the coupons above. All Hostgator coupon websites are affiliates but not all are transparent about this fact, unfortunately. Thank you for using the coupons above (if you decide to use them, of course).

The Baby Plan from Hostgator is an ideal all-in-one package for a small-medium website as it covers all the needs of a webmaster. You get a great deal of addons besides the standard features of most shared plans out there. What I like is the Website Builder as it gives a new webmaster a platform to create a website from scratch without any technical skills. If you can use a platform like MS Word then using this Website Builder will be a cinch. Of course, there are various other benefits but for me (a non-techie person) this one just stands out.

I hope you apply the Hostgator Coupon Code 2014 on this website and if you do use the coupons above I just want say THANKS, and I hope your website grows from strength to strength. I am convinced that hosting with Hostgator provides you with a head-start. Good Luck!